Snooze Tabs for a Duration of Time in Mozilla Firefox

You are only one person and not a machine. You cannot focus all your attention to all the tabs that you have opened in the Mozilla Firefox browser. But you still keep them open because you might forget to visit those sites later. And you cannot afford to forget some of those sites like online bill payment and online banking sites. Mozilla has come with a relief solution – SnoozeTabs extension for Firefox. This extension temporarily suspends the tabs that you do not really need now but might need later on. This means that you can put those tabs that do not require your immediate attention on the back burner for a while.

As you install the SnoozeTabs extension in Mozilla Firefox, it adds another icon in the browser toolbar. In order to snooze any tab, you have to first switch to that tab and then click on the this SnoozeTabs icon in the toolbar. This opens up a small fly-down window from where you can choose the duration of time for which you want to snooze that tab. You can choose to snooze the tabs from pre-specified periods of time like today, tomorrow, tonight, this weekend, next week, month, rainy day or choose a customized date.

SnoozeTabs for Firefox

All the tabs that you snooze will instantly disappear and will reappear after your selected snooze duration of time. If you want to see all the previous snoozes that have not yet reappeared, then you can choose the option Manage Snoozes from the SnoozeTabs fly-down options window. This will open the Firefox Library window. In this window, you can see all of your snoozed tabs under the Tags category. You can double-click on them to open them in new tabs. You can also delete them from here.

SnoozeTabs for Firefox

SnoozeTabs by Mozilla is a great way to put less immediate attention requiring tabs in the back burner and make them reappear once again when you are free to pay attention to them.

You can download the SnoozeTabs extension for Firefox from