How to Disable Adobe Flash Player in Edge Web Browser

Microsoft has introduced the new Edge web browser in their new Windows 10 operating system. And they have really worked hard to design the Edge browser to be faster as well as securer than their older browser Internet Explorer. One of the security features in the Edge browser is that it allows you to disable the Adobe Flash Player altogether so that you can protect yourself from the Adobe Flash related vulnerabilities. This is a great news as the Adobe Flash has recently become the target of potential hackers and malicious code writers and often people resort to installing add-ons in their browsers to disable Adobe Flash. But Edge browser is giving you a simple way of disabling Adobe Flash Player from withing the browser settings.

Here is how you can disable the Adobe Flash Player in Microsoft Edge browser:

  1. Launch Edge browser and click or touch the More Settings (…) button near the top-right corner and choose Settings from the menu.Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge
  2. Scroll down the menu that appears and select View advanced settings.Default Search Engine in Microsoft Edge
  3. Turn off the flip switch next to Use Adobe Flash Player to turn the flash player off.Disable Adobe Flash in Edge Browser
  4. Now you can try visiting a website that uses Adobe Flash and see if that it is blocked. For example, try visiting Y8 games site and try to play one of the flash games.

Edge browser has all the security features that make it a good competitor to the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It even allows you to block Adobe Flash Player to make sites more secure, less annoying and faster.