DoNotSpy10 : Protect Privacy in Windows 10

Even though Microsoft made the new operating system Windows 10 completely free for the Windows 7 and 8 users, it involves some caveats that allow Microsoft to monitor how you are using the Windows 10. In the name of some diagnostic features, they are continuously fetching user generated data for analysis at the Microsoft servers. This combined with many other features like the forced automatic updates in Windows 10 are not getting warm welcome from the long time Windows users. Many of the users who upgraded to the Windows 10 are a little bit annoyed by this and take it as invasion of their privacy.

We recently covered a tool called O&O Shutup that can disable some of these features in Windows 10. DoNotSpy10 is another such tool that can help you protect your privacy when you upgrade to Windows 10. The DoNotSpy10 interface has a long list of settings that allow you to enable to disable various privacy related settings. These settings are color coded red, orange, green and black to indicate the severity of privacy invasion they may cause in the decreasing order. If you are concerned only about the privacy related settings then you may select the red settings only and leave everything else alone.


You can also check all the settings by clicking on the Check All button. Once you have made a selection of the settings that you want to apply, you can click on the Apply button to save them and make changes to the Windows 10 settings. However, some of these changes take effect only after you have restarted Windows once.

The DoNotSpy10 tool makes it a little easier to manage privacy related settings in Windows 10. Using it, you can disable many of the services and apps that can send some of the user generated data back to Microsoft servers.

You can download DoNotSpy10 from