O&O Shutup : Configure Windows 10 Privacy Settings

Microsoft introduced some new feedback features in Windows 10 so that their engineers can get realtime feedback data from the actual Windows 10 users. This is supposed to improve the future versions of the operating system and help Microsoft add or remove features gradually over the time. But this also means that Microsoft is keeping a close eye on your activities in your Windows 10 PC. Although it is not much of a concern for the regular Windows 10 users, some of the privacy conscious users may get annoyed. If you do not want Windows 10 to dial back home, then you can O&O Shutup tool to tweak the privacy settings in Windows.

O&O Shutup for Windows 10

The O&O Shutup tool is a portable application for Windows 10 which makes it very easy to use as you do not have to install anything. It opens up with a long list of settings that you can toggle on or off. These settings are categorized under various headings like Security, Privacy, Location Services, User Behavior, Windows Updates and Miscellaneous. The notorious Telemetry settings can be found under the Security category.

The application is pretty simple to use and all you have to do is toggle the flip switched against various settings. You do not have to toggle off all the settings given in the O&O  Shutup application. You can just toggle off the Telemetry, Peer-to-Peer updates, Windows Driver Updates and other such known problem causing settings. A green color button means privacy is being protected while a red color button means default Windows 10 settings are being used.

O&O Shutup for Windows 10

If you somehow manage to make a mess with these settings and something stops working in Windows (for example, if you make changes to the automatic updates related settings and then Windows stops updating), then you can restore all the factory settings from the menubar by selecting Actions → Undo all changes.

O&O Shutup for Windows 10

O&O Shutup tool can help you enhance the Windows 10 privacy settings, so that your personal information is not revealed to anyone. It also offers some other desired tweaks like disabling the Windows Defender, if you are already using some other antivirus software.

You can download O&O Shutup from https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10.


  1. I’m running this Shutup on my Win10, but it’s confusing me. Using the Action “Apply all recommended settings” and then looking at the red or green status of the toggles AND their description, any given item can be described as “disabled” but the toggle for it might be either Red or Green. If it’s Red, say, the “factory setting”, then why does the description say disabled? Or if it’s Green, in theory protecting privacy, why does it say disabled?

    1. Take green and red as check marks in a task list. Whether a certain setting has been applied or not. For example, if you toggle green for “Cortana reset & disabled” – it translates to “whether Cortana reset & disabled” and green shows “yes”.

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