Microsoft Translator : Instant Speech Translation in Android

When I expressed my desire to learn Japanese in Tokyo, I was told the quickest way to learn Japanese is to make Japanese friends. This actually works very well as you can always ask your Japanese friends for the meaning of something that you do not understand. And this is true not only for Japanese, but for all the languages. This is much better than having to look up the definition of words, phrases or the entire sentences on the internet or in a dictionary. You can also have the same level of help in your Android smartphone using the Microsoft Translator app.

The Microsoft Translator app for Android allows you to speak into the microphone and automatically translates the spoken words into the pre-selected language. When it starts up, it gives you options to use either the microphone or the keyboard. If you are not able to speak the words properly, it is not able to understand the words spoken by you, or you do not want to disturb anyone by speaking out loud, then you can use the keyboard.

Microsoft Translator for Android

But the best performance is given through using the microphone. You have to select the source language and the destination language. Then you have to speak anything in the source language (or point the microphone to someone speaking something in that language) and Microsoft Translator app with use the Bing online services to quickly translate it into the destination language.

Microsoft Translator for Android

Microsoft Translator is a must-have app for all the travelers who visit foreign countries and sometimes find it difficult to understand what people are saying. Now they can use the Microsoft Translator app to automatically and instantly translate the spoken words in a language of their choice. While it does not support many languages (for example, Vietnamese or Thai is not available), new languages may me added in the new versions of this app.

You can download and install Microsoft Translator from