Cyscon Security Shield for Firefox Protects from Harmful Sites

Recently one of the popular American dating websites was in the news because someone had hacked into their user database and had siphoned off all the users’ details. Not many people notice such news in the media and stay busy in their routine life and never actually realize that the sites that they are using everyday are compromised. If you are a Mozilla Firefox user, then you can protect yourself from such harmful sites by using a Firefox extension called Cyscon Security Shield. This extension can warn you about compromised and phishing sites so that you do not become a victim of cyber-crime.

Cyscon Security Shield installs an tool bar icon in the Firefox browser which changes to show a warning for the harmful sites and stays in green color for safer sites. You can also click on this toolbar icon to view more details about the site’s security status according to the Cyscon Security extension.

Cyscon Security Shield for Firefox

For the safe sites, it shows a message “No known incidents” with an algae green background color. For the malicious, compromised or the hacked sites, it shows a “Security Breach” message with a bright red background color. For these warnings, they use compromised sites data from the last six months. So if a site was hacked five months ago, it will still display the warning even if the site admins have beefed up the site security.

Cyscon Security Shield for Firefox

Cyscon Security Shield for Firefox can help you enhance your web browser security by giving you warnings about the known compromised web sites. But this alone will not provide complete protection. For further safe guarding your system, you must install a good antivirus software like avast! in your PC.

You can download and install Cyscon Security Shield from