Reduce Eye Stress with Night Mode Pro in Firefox

The number one worry of people who have to work in front of the computer screens is the increased amount of eye stress. But there seems to be no escape from the brightly lit screens in the busy schedule of everyday work life especially when facing the tight deadlines ahead. The Firefox extension Night Mode Pro provides you with some relief by helping you switch the Firefox to night mode – a mode that gives a slightly reduced brightness. The Night Mode Pro extension allows you to change the brightness between 0 to 100% in a smart way so that you can view the web pages without any problem.

After installing the Night Mode Pro add-on in Firefox, you can see a new bulb like icon in the Firefox toolbar. Clicking on this lamp icon will display a fly-out options windows from where you can select the day mode or the night mode. You can also choose a mode somewhere in the middle of day and night by using the slider control to choose the brightness.

Firefox Night Mode Pro

If you choose the day mode, the Firefox will display just as it would even without the Night Mode Pro extension. But in the night mode, it changes all the bright portions of the web page to darker colors. Similarly, if you choose a brightness level in the middle of day and night, then the web pages look like various shades of gray.

Firefox Night Mode Pro

In the options for the Night Mode Pro extension, you can whitelist some of the domain names so that those domain names stay unaffected by the Night Mode Pro extension settings. It has many domain names already added to the list, so you may want to remove them from the list if you want to.

Firefox Night Mode Pro

You can get the Night Mode Pro extension from

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