How to Turn Off Notification Sound in Periscope

The Periscope app from Twitter has become the next big thing. News channels, reporters, magazines, professionals, politicians, teachers, and everyone else is using Periscope to interact with their followers. It is good for making new contacts and getting loyal customers. People who had no idea about your business can now see what you are doing through the live video broadcast on Periscope. But the one thing that annoys the most of us is the loud whistle noise that it makes to notify you when someone you follow starts to broadcast. This is especially very embarrassing when it is late night and there are some people around you.

In the new versions of Periscope, now you can make it vibrate only or completely silent. Here is how:

  1. Launch the Periscope app in your Android device and keep swiping the screen from right-to-left until no more swiping is possible. On this screen, you will see a user profile icon on the top-right corner. Touch this user profile icon to open your Periscope user profile.Periscope Notification Sounds
  2. In your user profile, you would be able to see all types of details related to your Periscope account – how many users you are following, how many users are following you and more. Touch Settings on this screen to open Periscope app settings.
  3. On the settings screen, touch on the bell icon next to the Notification Sound. You will be shown three options – sound & vibrate, vibrate only and silent. You can choose silent from these options to stop the whistle sounds or put it on vibrate mode.Periscope Notification Sounds

Periscope may cause embarrassment when it makes the whistle sounds especially when young ladies are walking in front of you. You can continue to enjoy Periscope without the whistle notification sound by turning it off and making it vibrate only or making it completely silent.


  1. I do not get any sound at all. No signal and I cannot even hear a a sound from the video. Just downloaded the app. What do I do now?

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