How to Use Android Phone as Hearing Aid Device

My aunt Beth has hearing loss problems and uses a hearing aid to be able to hear what everyone speaks to her. Recently, when we were driving to have a lunch at a local restaurant she lost her hearing aid device.  We searched the inside of the car but it was nowhere to be found. Now the problem was she could not hear what everyone was saying without the hearing aid. So I thought what if I could use my Android phone as an sound amplifier to make hear things clearly. A quick search on Google Playstore revealed many hearing aid apps. So I installed an app called Petralax Hearing Aid and in a few minutes, she was able to use my Android phone as her temporary hearing aid.

The Pertalax Hearing Aid is a life saving app for Android for all those people who cannot afford to buy a hearing aid, are waiting for the new hearing aid device or have lost the hearing aid device somewhere and want some some quick relief as soon as possible. After you install this app in your device, it wants you to calibrate the ear phone and create a hearing profile through the hearing test. All you have to do is attach the ear phone and touch the button when you hear a tone. It is similar to tuning your hearing aid device.

Petralax Hearing Aid App

Once the profile is created, you can select it and switch on the hearing aid by sliding up the microphone icon in the Petralax Hearing Aid interface. You can control the amplification level by sliding the volume control on top of the microphone icon. You can also control the overall Android volume using another volume control at the bottom. In the app settings, you can choose some of the amplification values and the volume equalization values.

Petralax Hearing Aid App

All in all, Petralax Hearing Aid is a great life-saving hearing aid app that can convert your Android phone into a hearing aid device. It supports four different types of amplification – Petralax, NAL, Berger and Pogo – which amplify the volume for different types of hearing loss.

You can download Petralax Hearing Aid app from