How to Use Android Phone as Document Scanner

Earlier this month, I ran into a problem as I had forgotten to pay my insurance premium on time. So I called up my insurance company and told them about the problem. They agreed not to add any extra charges if I could send them a scanned PDF copy of the premium check written to them and then mail the check later on. For this I needed a scanner quickly but as I was traveling at the moment, I could not find any standard document scanner. Instead, I installed the Smart Document Scanner app on my Android device and used it to scan the check.

Smart Document Scanner for Android

The Smart Document Scanner app turns any standard Android phone into a versatile document scanner. It works better with phones having better resolution cameras, of course. You can use it to scan documents of any kinds like business cards, papers, receipts, whiteboards etc., and turn them into PDF documents.

Smart Document Scanner for Android

All you have to do is launch the Smart Document Scanner and touch on the camera button on the top. then take a picture of the document that you want to scan. You can enhance the quality of scanned image later on by defining its edges, making it gray-scale, changing the contract, light and other such values.

Smart Document Scanner for Android

The scanned image is saved in your phone and is not automatically convert it into a PDF document. In order to turn it into a PDF file, you have to select Export PDF from the app menu. This converts the scanned image into a PDF file and you can share it with whoever you want to share it with. You can also print it on WiFi connected printers.

You can download the Smart Document Scanner app from

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