Add WiFi Access to Any Digital Camera with Eye-Fi SD Card

These days point-and-shoot digital cameras have become dirt cheap. Some of these digital cameras from Fujifilm and Nikon cost as low US $50 and come with decent enough features. But one thing that lacks in these low cost digital cameras is the ability to connect to other devices over the WiFi. Usually only high end and expensive cameras like GoPro Hero+ come with WiFi access point features so that you can access the captured pictures by your digital camera on any device like your notebook, tablet or the mobile phone over the WiFi. But you can actually add the WiFi features to any digital camera that accepts a standard SD card using the special WiFi enabled SD cards like Eye-Fi.

These SD cards with WiFi features come with an in-built small WiFi module along with the usual memory module. You can use them just like you would use any other ordinary SD card in your digital camera. As far as the Eye-Fi SD cards are considered, they do not really need to be configured from within inside the digital cameras – but you can toggle off or on the WiFi access point and configure for how long it stays available.

Add WiFi to Digital Camera with Eye-Fi SD Card

You can access this Eye-Fi card from any other WiFi enabled device. The first thing after installing the Eye-Fi card you have to do is activate it. You will find the activation code on the Eye-Fi card itself or the packaging that it came inside.

Add WiFi to Digital Camera with Eye-Fi SD Card

Once the Eye-Fi card is activated, you can take one picture with your digital camera – this will toggle on the Eye-Fi WiFi access point. This WiFi access point will appear on your mobile phone or any PC, tablet, notebook etc. Choose and connect to this WiFi access point and you will be able to access the pictures stored on the Eye-Fi SD card as soon as they are captured.

Add WiFi to Digital Camera with Eye-Fi SD Card

Using a WiFi enabled SD card like Eye-Fi, makes it possible to access the pictures on your digital camera without having to use the USB cable or SD card reader. But if your device uses only a microSD card, then you are basically out of luck as currently all these WiFi enabled memory cards come in the regular SD card size.

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