How to Resize the Tiles in the Start Menu of Windows 10

When Microsoft killed off the Start Menu in Windows 8, the veteran Windows users (who had been using Windows since its inception in the early 90’s when Start menu made its first appearance) bellowed such an outcry that even Microsoft was forced to listen to them. Finally Microsoft relented a little with the release of Windows 8.1 when they added a miniature version of Start menu. But Windows 8.1 Start menu was nowhere near as useful as was present in the older versions of Windows. Windows users sulked even more, and in the end Microsoft had to add a full fledged Start menu in Windows 10.

The Start menu that comes with Windows 10 is a combination of the Start screen of Windows 8 where all the modern apps were presented in an array tiles, and the traditional Start menu that could be seen in Windows 7 or even in Windows Vista. Now in Windows 10, the tiles belonging to the modern apps are presented in various groups in the Start menu itself. This is very convenient and you can actually drag around various tiles to arrange them to your own taste. These tiles can also be resized.

Suppose you find an app to be more important in the Windows 10 Start menu then you can enlarge its tile so that you can easily find it. In order to resize the tiles of modern apps in Windows 10, all you have to do click on the Start button to open the Start menu and then right-click on the app tile that you want to resize. You can find the resize options from under the Resize sub-menu. You can choose to make the tiles small, medium, large or wide.

Resize Windows 10 Start Menu Tiles

Some of these tiles display live content downloaded from the internet, for example, the weather app displays the current weather conditions for your location. Through the same right-click tile menu, you can change their live update status. You can choose Turn live tile off or Turn live tile on from the menu to toggle the display of the live content pertaining to these app tiles.

Windows 10 Start menu is both customizable and feature rich at the same time. You can resize the tiles, rearrange them or toggle the live update status off or on – all without having to dig deep into any Windows settings.