C-Locker is Themed Lockscreen for Android

Google is releasing the version 6.0 of Android (nicknamed Android Marsh-mellow) in the upcoming few months. If you are feeling a little left behind with all these new versions, then you can make it up by adding some eye candy to your old smart-phone using new wallpapers, launchers and lock-screen apps. We had earlier covered a lockscreen released by Microsoft called Picturesque Lockscreen recently. The freely available C-Locker app also presents a similar opportunity by offering themed lock-screen for your Android devices. It can replace your boring stock lock-screen with themed lock-screens like Halloween lock-screen, Merry Christmas lock-screen, and more.

As soon as you install and launch the C-Locker app, you are displayed many choices for themes – some of these are labeled under “New” themes and others as “Native” themes. These “New” themes have to be downloaded from the internet, while the “Native” themes are already downloaded and ready for use. You can choose any of these themes and apply them.

C-Locker for Android

In the options for the C-Locker, you can choose to enable or disable the lock-screen, change the home key setting (if it can unlock the screen or not), close system screen lock to prevent double lock-screens, change vibration and sound behavior, configure the time after which screen is automatically locked and more.

C-Locker helps you change the behavior and appearance of your Android smart-phone according to your own wishes. The features provided by the C-Locker can be used to personalize your Android devices in many different ways.

C-Locker for Android

You can download and install C-Locker app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ccs.lockscreen.