Change the Offline Video Quality in Youtube App for Android

The official Youtube app for Android now allows you to download videos to your smartphone from within the app and watch them later when there is no internet connection available. This way you can enjoy Youtube videos even when the phone is offline. In the older versions of the Youtube app, you could not choose the quality of downloaded offline Youtube videos and it always downloaded highest possible quality. But in the newer version of the app, you can finally decide the quality of the offline Youtube videos. If you have a relatively smaller screen phone, then you do not really need very high video quality anyway.

Here is how you can change the offline video quality in the Youtube app:

  1. Open the Youtube app in your Android smart phone, touch the menu icon (three dots) and then select Settings from the menu.
  2. On the settings screen, select Offline from the list of options given there.Youtube Offline Video Quality
  3. From the next screen that appears in your phone, select Quality.
  4. The default setting for the offline videos quality is “ask each time” which means that Youtube will ask you about the video quality every time you try to save a video for offline viewing. But you can choose it to one of the listed resolutions from the list.Youtube Offline Video Quality

Next time, when you save a Youtube video for offline viewing, the Youtube app will not bother you about the video quality. It will just start downloading and saving the video to your phone’s storage. But you should be careful not to select any higher video resolutions as it may result in both the increased download bandwidth and the reduced available storage space on your phone.

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