Configure Speech Output for Google Voice Search in Android

On any smart phone that runs on the Android operating system, you can use the voice search to look for anything on the Google. All you have to do is speak “Ok Google” and then say the keywords or phrase that you want to look for. Google shows you the results instantly along with a speech output of the first result. For example, if you voice search for “risk factors”, then it will read out the basic definition for risk factors as this is the first of the search results. But this speech output can be embarrassing when you are voice searching in the company of friends or other people.

Fortunately, you can easily switch the “speech output” to using the earphones only so that it works only when you have earphones connected to the phone. This way only you can hear the “speech output” through the earphones. Here is how:

  1. Open the Google Search app. Tap on the menu key on your Android device to open the Google Search app menu. You have to select Settings from this menu.
  2. On the settings screen that appears, it will show many different sections that you can configure. You have to tap on Voice from the list of options.Google Android Speech Output Setting
  3. On the voice settings screen, there are voice related options like audio history, blocking offensive words etc. You have to select Speech Output from the list of options.
  4. Now you can choose whether the Speech Output should be always ON, or should be used only when you have connected the ear-phones to your phone (when it is in the Hands-free mode).Google Android Speech Output Setting

Google Search is a great Android app that allows you to search Google through your voice. When you perform voice search, Google may read out the search results aloud. For privacy reasons, you can toggle speech output to hands-free only mode.