Remove all the “Get” Apps from Windows 10

Microsoft made a big change with Windows 10 in the way they are is marketing their flagship product. They made Windows 10 a free upgrade to existing Windows users and everybody welcomed this move in the beginning. But now people are finding out that this free upgrade is actually designed in a way to spy on the user activities and unlike previous version of Windows, it comes loaded with apps that advertise other software or services from Microsoft. Just because Windows 10 is being provided as a free upgrade, does not mean that you have to live with useless Microsoft apps like “Get Office”, “Get Skype”, “Get Started” and such.

This is how you can remove all these advertising apps from your Windows 10 PC:

  1. Press the hotkey Win+I to open the Settings app. You can also click on the Start and then select Settings from the menu to open the Settings app.
  2. In the Settings app, select the System category.
  3. On the System screen, select Apps & features from the left-side menu.Remove Get apps from Windows 10
  4. Type “get” in the search box that says Type an app name here. This will filter the apps list and display only the apps that have “Get” in front of their names.
  5. Select the apps from the list one-by-one and click on Uninstall button to proceed with the uninstallations of these “Get” apps.Remove Get apps from Windows 10

All of these “Get’ apps are totally unnecessary and serve no purpose other than showing notifications asking you to download and install these advertised apps from Microsoft website. The “Get Office” app usually displays notifications about discounts on the Microsoft Office suite. You do not really need these apps for installing Skype or Microsoft Office in your PC – instead, you can download them off from their respective websites.

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