Disable App Suggestions in Google Now Launcher for Android

Google Now is one of the most popular launchers for Android smart phones. It sports a minimalistic design while at the same time offers slick performance and great looks. If you replace your regular or stock Android launcher app with the Google Now launcher then you would soon fall in love with it and will perhaps never go back to any of the launchers. In fact, Google Now launcher is an ideal choice for the smart phones running on older versions of Android like KitKat. By installing Google Now launcher, you can give a new smooth look to your old smart phone.

One of the features of the Google Now launcher is the ability to display the most used or “suggested” apps on the top in the app drawer. The app drawer itself is not divided in multiple screens but it is a single long screen that you can scroll up and down easily. While this “suggested apps” feature is useful for many users, others may not want it for the reasons of their own. If you do not want this “suggested apps” feature, then you can easily turn it off.

All you have to do is, touch the menu button on the home screen, select Settings and open the Google Now launcher settings. In the Google Now launcher settings, you can toggle off the setting labeled App Suggestions.

Google Now Launcher App Suggestions

Now when you open the app drawer through the Google Now launcher, it will no longer show any app suggestions in the top row. Everything else will continue to work as before and you can select any of the apps alphabetically from the app drawer.

Of course, if you want to have this feature back in the Google Now launcher then you can toggle on the “App suggestions” feature once again from the Google Now launcher settings.