Night Screen for Android Reduces Screen Brightness

When you get a phone call late at night it shocks you two times. First time – when you hear the phone ringing in the middle of the night and second time – when you open your sleepy eyes and look at the brightly lit phone screen. Well, there could also be a third time for jolting you up in your bed if the caller gives you a bad news, but we are not counting that. You should not stop people from calling you late at night as they may call you for something important, but you can fix the problem of having to look at the glaring bright screen in the darkness.

Android smart phone does not allow you to reduce the screen brightness below a certain level. And even the lowest level of brightness appears to be very bright when you suddenly expose your eyes to it after waking up from sleeping in a dark or dimly lit room. What you can do is that you can install an app called Night Screen in your Android device.

Night Screen for Android

this Night Screen app places an extra overlay over the entire screen and can make it look a little bit darker. You can control the brightness through the slider control provided by this app. Since it uses the overlay trick, it can reduce the brightness level to much lower level than allowed by the Android itself.

In the settings for the Night Screen app, you can choose to keep the screen always on as long as the app is running (which is great for the times when you are reading ebooks on your device), choose to set the minimum brightness level allowed by Android as soon as the app is launched and you can also choose the direction of the slider control.

You can get this Night Screen app from