Send Custom Paper Postcards from Android Phone

Back in the good old days when people visited other countries they never forgot to send a postcard to their families and friends from these new wonderful places. These tourist postcards usually had a picture of popular buildings, monuments or places from the city you are visiting and you could write a message on the back of the postcard. In the past these tourist postcards were very popular but with the invention of internet, the sales of postcards have diminished. These days you would hardly find “tourist postcards” on the airports or tourist destinations. So how about you make your own postcards using the Android app Zoner Postcards.

Zoner Postcards app allows you to take any picture and use it for the postcard that you can send from your mobile phone. The postcard is not any electronic version of postcard, but a real paper post card is sent. You do not have to worry about the printing of the postcard or the postage used and mailing it – everything is handled by Zoner Postcards.

You start by selecting a picture that will be used in the postcard. Since you can take pictures with your mobile phone, you can use your own picture, selfies, or the pictures of some beautiful places – everything is up to you. There is also an option to select the postcard picture border, but the one without borders looks very good in my opinion.

Zoner Postcards

Next, you have to write a message on the back of the postcard. You can select the fonts for this message and type in your message. It would have been great if you could use a stylus to actually write the message in your own handwriting, but this option is not available.

Zoner Postcards

Finally, you have to add a mailing address on the postcard where it would be sent. As soon as you add the address, it will show you the cost of creating and sending the post card which you can pay through Google Wallet. You can add more than one addresses to send the copy of the same postcard to many people.

Conclusion: Zoner Postcards is a really interesting app for all the tourists who want to send customized postcards to their families or friends when they are enjoying their adventures in various wonderful cities across the world.

You can get the Zoner Postcards app from