Signature Lock for Android Smartphones

Nobody really knows when the system of identification through signatures caught on. Its so simple and yet so effective. The signature based identifications works universally in one form or another – bank checks, legal papers, or anywhere a person has to identify their statement. On the smart phones a modern version of signature based identification is present in terms of gesture locks – you draw a gesture on the phone screen and the phone will be unlocked. But if your Android smart phone does not come with gesture unlock feature than you can use the Signature Unlocker app and have almost the same features on your Android device.

Signature Unlocker app is essentially a gesture based unlocker app with a difference – it calls the gestures your signatures. After installing the app, you have to draw your signature on the screen using your finger tip or a stylus pen. You can basically draw anything you want, as long as you remember it for later unlocking of the phone screen. Like with many other apps, Signature Unlocker does not allow lifting of the finger tip or stylus pen tip when drawing the signature – you have to draw the whole signature in single stroke.

Android Signature Unlocker

Once the signature is saved, you can try locking and unlocking the phone screen. This time you will have to draw your saved signature to unlock the phone. The app has a good percentage of tolerance towards mistakes in the signature – so even if you draw a signature slightly close to your saved signature, the phone screen gets unlocked.

In the settings for the Signature Unlocker app, you can choose to enter a phrase that would be read out to you using Google’s TTS (text to speech) library in case you draw a wrong signature. You can also change the settings related to app gestures which controls how your drawn signatures are interpreted.

Android Signature Unlocker

Signature Unlocker is an easy and comfortable way to unlock your Android device screen. It works better if you use a fine stylus pen and draw a complex signature for unlocking the screen. But you can basically use any single stroke gesture as your signature too.

You can get the Signature Unlocker app from