Glary Disk Cleaner Removes Junk Off Windows PC

If there is something that can affect the smooth performance of your Windows PC, it is the accumulation of garbage data on the disk. This garbage data gets slowly piled over all around the system disk (the disk on which Windows is installed) through regular use of the PC and the installed programs on it. This is where the Glary Disk Cleaner can help you out. It can scan and remove all these unnecessary files from your system and improve its performance. Additionally, it also frees up the disk space and makes it available for other programs.

Glary Disk Cleaner is a freeware program that can free up junk files and the browser cache of various web browsers installed in your Windows PC. After launching the program, you can click on the Scan button so that it can start to scan your system disk for all types of junk files generated both by the operating system and the third party programs like browsers, image editors, instant messengers and such. It displays the total number of bytes that are taken up by the junk files and browser cache etc., and that can be freed up by the Glary Disk Cleaner.

Glary Disk Cleaner

You can select which items you want to clean up by selecting the categories from the left side menu as well as selecting the individual items from the right side pane. After a selection is made, you can just click on the Start Cleaning button to start the removal of all the selected items. You will be notified about how much disk space you have freed up, once the process is finished.

Verdict: Glary Disk Cleaner is a free and effective disk cleaner program for Windows that can clean unwanted gunk off your PC in seconds. It supports backing up of the files before cleaning them so that restore the files if their removal causes any unexpected problems.

You can download GLary Disk Cleaner from