1by1 is Lightweight, Fast and Portable Audio Player for Windows & Android

Discontinuation of Winamp Media Player was a big shock for the people who enjoy playing music on their Windows computers. After they stopped any further development of Winamp, some fans of Winamp got stuck with the last version of Winamp released which actually continues to work even in Windows 10, some people moved on to other media players like VLC Media Player, but some of us are still looking for something to fill in the spot left by Winamp. I myself, sometimes, spend my evenings looking for something that can be as efficient, fast and comfortable as the original Winamp itself. My latest find is 1by1 which is lightweight, fast and portable audio player for Windows and Android.

The 1by1 audio player has a altogether different approach to playing audio files – it does not ask you to open a single media file and start to play it. Instead it opens up an entire folder containing your audio files collection and then treats it as a playlist. This is perhaps why it is called – “the directory player”. This may look like a new idea to you but you will soon find this very comfortable approach of enjoying your MP3 collection.

1by1 opens up a Windows File Explorer like interface from where you can explore the directories of your entire PC. As you select the various folders, the audio files inside them are displayed on the left side panel if they are supported by 1by1. It supports many file formats like MP3, MP4, AAC, FLAC, OGG etc. You can select an audio file and then double-click on it (or press Enter) to play it. The 1by1 audio player follows other tracks in the same folder, after it has finished playing the selected audio file.

1by1 Audio Player

In the options for the 1by1 in Windows, you can choose audio track transition effects like gapless (no gaps or silence between two tracks), overlap mixing (next song starts before the current one is about to end – both playing at the same time for a couple of seconds), auto spacing (force insert silence between two tracks) etc. You can choose audio enhancer, audio equalizer settings and select a preset. You can also define hotkeys to work with the 1by1 interface and more.

1by1 Audio Player

In the Android version of 1by1, the approach is very similar – you select a folder, and then play the audio files inside the selected folder. The APK file for 1by1 is available from the 1by1 website for side-loading the app in Android. In the options for 1by1 Android app, you can enable repeat mode, define long touch actions, enable fast scroll and more.

1by1 Audio Player

You can download 1by1 from http://mpesch3.de1.cc/1by1.html.