Solve Mathematics Problems in Seconds with Mathway for Android

Back when I was studying in high school, we had to struggle very hard to solve those difficult mathematics problems. And if you manage to solve them, only your teacher could tell if you solved it right or made a mistake in one of the steps. But now-a-days, you no longer have to wait for the teacher to show you the ropes. You can match your answers with the ones you get through the Mathway app for Android. This app can not only solve many different types of mathematics problems, but it can also show you the step-by-step solution of the problems.

You can enter the problems that you want to solve by typing them in or by scanning the problems from your textbook into your smart phone through the phone’s camera. For the latter, just pick the camera option and then scan any mathematical problem with the camera. Make sure the cross-hair is on top of the mathematical expression that you intend to solve.


Mathway will automatically recognize the type of the problem and which mathematics branch it belongs too. All you have to do now is touch the Answer button and the problem shall be solved in an instant. You can see the answers right away on your screen. But for the step-by-step solution of the problem, you will have to pay for the yearly or monthly subscription of Mathway.


Conclusion: Mathway solves mathematical problems of various branches like basic mathematics, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, pre-calculus, statistics, finite mathematics, linear algebra, and some chemistry related numerical problems. The app offers fast and accurate solutions and step-by-step solutions can be displayed through a monthly or annual subscription.

You can get the Mathway app for your Android device from