Always on Top for Firefox Keeps Firefox Windows Above the Rest

It so happens that I am a big movie buff and I cannot really stop myself when a great movie is available on Netflix. I really want to watch these Netflix movies in my spare time, but believe it or not the concept of spare time is nothing but a myth. So I watch the movies and go through the everyday work at the same time. For this I resize the browser window to a small size and keep Netflix running inside it, while at the same time I use rest of the desktop screen for my work. Many people would call it distracting, but it works great for me.

The only trouble is that the Firefox browser window, in which Netflix is streaming those amazing movies and TV shows, gets hidden behind all the other windows from time to time. Fortunately, solution is very simple – we can use an extension called “Always on Top” for Firefox.

This extension can keep the Firefox windows on top of all the other windows, which makes it ideal for my situation. After installing this extension, you would see a small push-pin icon in the Firefox toolbar (if not, then you have to manually add this icon from the Firefox customization options). Clicking on this small push-pin icon toggles the always-on-top feature on or off.

Always on Top for Firefox

There are no options available for this extension, but that is to be expected. Even in its simplicity, it offers a great feature for all the Firefox users.

Conclusion: Keeping Firefox windows over the top of every other window is very easy with the help of “Always on Top” browser extension. You can use it to watch movies on Netflix or Hulu at the same time while working on some documents in Microsoft Word, for example.

You can get the Always On Top extension for Firefox from