Betternet : Free Unlimited Cross-Platform VPN Service

When you have to surf the internet without wanting to expose your personal identifiable information, you can use proxies or one of the many VPN tunel services available on the internet. These VPN tunnels basically route all of your internet traffic through a special server located in a different country, thereby hiding your online identity behind the mask of these VPN servers. Previously on, we have posted about VPN services like TunnelBear, Psiphon and CyberGhost etc. Now a new VPN service called Betternet has made its way into the myriad of VPN tunnels world and promises free unlimited VPN access for everyone.

Betternet is available for Windows & Android and a promise to release a version for Mac has been made. On Windows, it uses OpenVPN as the underlying infrastructure like many other VPN services. The setup installer is not signed and there are basically no options to configure in the Betternet front-end – indicating that this VPN service is perhaps in its infancy.

During the installation, you may have to give permission to install certain drivers and network interfaces from OpenVPN – these are required for Betternet VPN to work. After the installation is finished, you can launch Betternet from its desktop shortcut. It presents you with a bare minimum interface, showing just a single button – Connect. When you click on this button, it randomly connects you to one of the available VPN servers in the world.

Betternet VPN

While many other VPN services give you options to choose the server locations even in their free-to-access accounts, Betternet does not and it could be seen as one of the disadvantages. On the other hand, it does not limit your usage bandwidth like others.

Conclusion: Betternet is a free VPN tunnel service for Windows & Android that does not really provide you any options, but it offers free unlimited bandwidth for everyone.

You can download Betternet VPN client from