Avoid Smart-phone Distractions with (Offtime) App for Android

Before the smart-phones entered our everyday life, it was very easy to go through our daily work throughout the week. There was no distraction and people stopped working for the lunch time only. But now things have changed completely – forget about the work life, people are even crossing the roads while busy on their smart-phones. They cannot really use the smart-phones while at work, but some keep the phones muted and still engage in conversations over the social networks. If you have also been not able to focus on your work or not able to sleep because the phone keeps distracting you, then you need the (Offtime) app for Android.

The (Offtime) app for Android can prevent your phone from bugging you for a specific period of time. It offers three pre-built profiles – unplugging (for unplugging from the always connected life), focused work (for avoiding mobile phone distractions when working on deadlines) and sleep (for having a good night’s sleep). In addition, you can also create your own custom profiles.

(OFFTIME) for Android

These profiles have certain rules that limit the usage and connectivity of your phone – hide notifications, blocking calls and text messages, restrict app access and so on. You can also allow calls to go through for some important numbers. When you are ready to have a time-out from your phone, you can open one of these profiles in the (Offtime) app and touch on the Start button.

(OFFTIME) for Android

Your phone will run in the limited mode for the time duration specified in the selected profile. However, you can stop the (Offtime) mode if such need arises – this is done by long-touching the screen and choosing to stop the (Offtime) app after a countdown of 60 seconds.

You can get the (Offtime) app for Android from http://offtime.co/.