Create GIF Animations Instantly with Insta GIF for Android

When web sites were being designed in the late 90’s, people were using JPEG and GIF images equally in their web sites. Then came Macromedia Flash (later became Adobe Flash) and many web designers ditched GIF animations for more feature rich Flash animations. But now it appears that GIF images are making a come back on the web. These days I am seeing more and more GIF animations on Twitter and Facebook. Since people do not want to wait for watching a lengthy video, GIF animations make the perfect choice for social media sharing. GIF images are small in size, load quickly and work in all browsers without needing special plug-ins.

But then the question comes – how to create the GIF animations? Before the smart phones became popular, it was very hard to create GIF animations. But these days, making a GIF animations is as easy as snapping a picture using your phone’s camera – if you are using an app called Insta GIF.

Insta GIF is an Android app that allows you to capture small picture frames through the camera of your device and turn them into a simple GIF animation. You start by launching the Insta GIF app and selecting to Take Picture.

Insta GIF

In the camera interface that opens up, you can choose the frame resolution, number of frames and the animation speed. You can choose either the auto mode or manual mode (the latter allows you to edit the GIF animation before producing one). There are some usual camera function controls like flash, switching between front or back camera etc. You can capture the frames by touching the circular button at the bottom.

Insta GIF

If you have selected the manual mode, you will see all the frames, the animation speed and a demo of the GIF animation. You can remove the frames and increase or decrease the frame speed. After the GIF animation is saved, it can be shared on social networks directly from the Insta GIF app.

You can get the Insta GIF app for Android from