Chrome Cleanup Tool Removes Malicious Software from Chrome

If you are seeing sneaky pop-ups, unintended search engine redirects, undesired toolbars or some other suspicious activities in Chrome browser, then perhaps some sort of malicious software has made home in the Chrome settings. This type of malicious software (also called malware) can change some of the root settings in Chrome, making it very hard to remove it manually. Google has created a specialized software called Chrome Cleanup Tool that may help you detect and remove the malicious and unwanted software from Chrome. Additionally, it is also able to reset the Chrome settings back to factory default values.

The Chrome Cleanup Tool is a portable application and starts to scan your system as soon as it is launched. It goes through some critical Chrome settings and files to check for the presence of malicious programs, undesirable toolbars or extensions.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

If detected, it takes further action to remove such harmful elements from Chrome. But if nothing is found, then it simply informs you that “No program is found”. At this point you can click on the Continue button to proceed further.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

In the end, this tool launches Chrome browser in order to reset all the Chrome settings back to their default values. This could fix any suspicious behavior that Chrome browser is exhibiting because of the changes in Chrome settings made by the malicious programs. After this, the Chrome Cleanup Tool deletes itself leaving behind only a log file that contains all the steps performed by it.

Chrome Cleanup Tool

If the Chrome Cleanup Tool does find anything harmful on your system, you should definitely scan your entire system for the possibility of malware using a standard, up-to-date anti-virus software like avast or AVG. Moreover, you should consider keeping all the installed software including the Windows operating system updated.

You can download the Chrome Cleanup Tool from