GrabNDrop : Taking Screenshots Made Extremely Easy

Every now and then we have to capture the screen into an image and then use it for various purposes. For example, when writing an article on I have to take screenshots to show the readers how to do stuff. Usually, I use a program called HyperSnap for most of my screenshot taking needs. But if you are not interesting in saving the screenshot image file first and then including it in a program or document, then you may want to try the GrabNDrop program. As its name suggests, GrabNDrop lets you grab a screen shot and then drop the image directly into a program or document etc.

After launching the GrabNDrop program, it places an icon in the system tray. You can right-click on this icon to change the options like the quality of the captured image or the type of image file (PNG or JPEG) etc. In order to start capturing a portion of the image, you can double-click on this system tray icon.


This makes the screen to display a reddish hue and now you can select a rectangular portion of the screen using your mouse (or your fingers if you have a touchscreen device). Once the selection has been made, you have to press the Enter key to finalize the screen capture of the selected region.


It shows the captured screen shot in a small preview window. You can use the pencil tool to draw and annotate on this image. Once that is done, you can drag and drop this image in any program or window that accepts dropped files. For example, you can drop it inside a Microsoft Word document to insert this image in that document, or you can drop it in an image editor to start editing it in that program etc.


If you want to save the file, you can first change the file name (but that’s optional), then drag-and-drop it in any Windows File Explorer window or just drop it on Windows desktop. The file type for the image stays whatever you have selected in the GrabNDrop settings (accessible from right-clicking on the system tray icon).

Verdict: GrabNDrop makes it very easy to use the captured screenshots in various programs without having to first save them as files. In addition, you can also save the screenshots as PNG or JPEG files on your computer or just e-mail them to yourself.

You can download GrabNDrop from