How to Edit PDF Documents in Microsoft Word

Portable Document Format, popularly known as the PDF document format, is very reliable for transferring files over the internet because the PDF files retain their original look and form no matter in which program you open them. You can open a PDF file in Foxit PDF Viewer, Adobe Acrobat, PDF Xchange Viewer, Google PDF Viewer, Sumatra PDF or any other program and it looks and prints exactly the same everywhere. Same cannot be said for other types of documents like Microsoft Word etc. But at the same, Word documents are much easier to edit compared to PDF documents. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you could edit the PDF documents in Microsoft Word? Well, actually Microsoft Word 2016 allows editing of PDF files as if they were DOCX files. Here is how you can edit PDF documents in Microsoft Word 2013 or Word 2016:

  1. Open Microsoft Word from its desktop or Start menu shortcut.
  2. Click File on the top-left corner in the ribbon bar.Edit PDF Documents in Microsoft Word
  3. Select Open and then choose a PDF document from somewhere on your  PC.
  4. You will be shown a message that Word is going to convert your PDF file into an editable Word document. If the PDF file is large, then it may take a while before this conversion process is finished.Edit PDF Documents in Microsoft Word
  5. After the PDF file converted into Word document is ready, you can edit it as usual. You basically do everything that is possible from the Microsoft Word interface.
  6. When finished editing the document, you can either save the document as the DOCX file or export it as PDF file.Edit PDF Documents in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 2013 and 2016 are both capable of editing PDF documents by first converting them into Word documents. Editing works well if the PDF documents contain more text and less images. Some of the PDF documents that contain full scanned images do not present many opportunities to edit them.