Google Meter App Displays WiFi, Battery and Notifications Status As Wallpaper

Google Meter is an experimental app from the Google Creative Labs that can display the WiFi signal status, battery charge level status and the number of unread notifications in form of interesting wallpaper. Google Meter is still in the developmental stages and is basically an experimental app , but it is essentially a dynamic wallpaper for Android devices. After the installation, it does create a shortcut to the Google Meter app on the home screen, but trying to launch the Google Meter app as it is always results in the “Unfortunately, Meter has stoped” error. The only way you can use the Google Meter app is by setting it as the wallpaper for Android.

In order to set Google Meter as the wallpaper, you have to follow the usual route. First of all go to the home-screen on your Android device, then press the menu button and select Wallpapers option from there. Then select Google Meter as your wallpaper from the list of all the available wallpapers.

Google Meter for Android

As soon as you set Google Meter as the Android wallpaper, it starts to display one of three things as the wallpaper – WiFi signal status in form of an downward pointed triangle, battery charge status in form of a circle or the number of unchecked notifications in form of a rectangle. These simple geometrical shapes appear at random – a different one appears every time you lock and unlock the device screen.

Google Meter for Android

Even though this app is very interesting in itself, it offers nothing new in terms of features. The status of WiFi signal, battery charge and notifications – all of these are already displayed in the notification bar on the top of the Android screen. Using the entire device screen for displaying the same information again is a little bit redundant in my opinion. But some people having difficulty in seeing the small icons in the notification bar may benefit from the large colorful geometrical figures of the Google Meter wallpaper.

You can get the Google Meter app from