Kalkules : Alternative Calculator for Windows PC

Windows operating system has always included a small calculator application ever since Microsoft released Windows 3.1 in the early 90’s. You could start this calculator app either from the start menu or by giving the command – “calc”. With each newer version of Windows, this calculator application also improved and more functions were added to it. But not everybody is liking the things that Microsoft has done to the classic calculator program in Windows 10. If you are one of those people who are not ready to accept the changes made in the new calculator app of Windows 10, then you can use an alternative app like Kalkules.

Kalkules is a small, portable, scientific calculator for Windows PC’s. It offers many advanced features like polynomial operations, graphing of functions and differential calculus to some extent. As this is a portable program, you can start using it just by downloading the ZIP archive and extracting the Kalkules program files from it.


Apart from basic scientific calculator features expected from a scientific calculator application, it also offers function graphing. You have to type in the function in the main calculator window in x variable and then select Tools → Graph of function from the menubar. You can plot as many graphs as you want.


For finding the derivative of a function, again you have to type in the function in the main window and then select Tools → Function derivative. This will show you a derivative of the function which may not be simplified.


You can also perform operations on the polynomials using Kalkules. After selecting Tools → Polynomials, you can type in two functions P and Q and perform four basic operations on the two P+Q, P-Q, P*Q and P/Q.


There are so many other interesting features in this small scientific calculator application. If you are a student or just want to have a good and portable scientific calculator app in your PC, then you should definitely try Kalkules.

You can download Kalkules from http://www.kalkules.com/.

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