Recover or Reset Nokia Lumia Phone with Nokia Software Recovery Tool

While Android based phones are the most popular phones in the world, owing to the open-source nature of the operating system and a wide range of prices for the devices, the Windows based Nokia Lumia phones are also being liked by people who enjoy the familiarity of using Windows operating system. If you own a Nokia Lumia phone and it has been showing the signs of some file corruption in the operating system, then you can easily fix it by reinstalling the original factory ROM image all over again using the Windows Device Recovery Tool.

Microsoft has released two tools for helping the Nokia phone owners fix  the software related problems of their phones. The Windows Device Recovery tool is for the Nokia Lumia phones running Windows Phone version 8 or newer, while the Nokia Software Recovery tool is for all other Nokia phones from other manufacturers. After installing one of these recovery tools suitable for your device, you have to connect your phone to your PC via a compatible USB data cable.

Nokia Software Recovery tool

When your device is detected, you can proceed to updating or restoring the phone software by clicking on the Continue button. You should be aware that by re-installing the factory ROM for your device, you would erasing all the personal data stored on your phone. It will connect to Nokia servers and start to download the latest version of the ROM image for your device.

Nokia Software Recovery tool

After the download is complete, the ROM is flashed to your phone. This may take some time, so you have to be patient. After the flashing is finished, your phone is restarted and you will have to reconfigure it all over again.

Nokia Software Recovery tool

You can easily restore the original software on your Nokia Lumia phones using the Windows Device Recovery tool or the Nokia Software Recovery tool. This tool can be used to reset and reinstall the firmware on your phones.

You can get the Windows Device Recovery tool or the Nokia Software Recovery tool from