Keep Windows Drivers Updated with Driver Talent

One of the ways to keep your Windows PC working at optimal performance level is by keeping the device drivers updated to their latest versions. The new versions of the device drivers fix many of the problems that the old versions had, they could also have new features added by the manufacturer and in general improve the overall performance of your Windows PC. In place of checking for the latest drivers for your PC manually, you can use the Driver Talent software to handle everything automatically. This software not only updates the device drivers to the latest versions but it can also backup and restore the device drivers to avoid unexpected situations arising after driver updates.

Driver Talent

Driver Talent starts up by showing you the Windows version and giving you options to scan the PC for all the device drivers. The scanning can be initiated by clicking on the Scan button and takes only a couple of minutes before it displays the results. The results could indicate that you already have latest versions of the drivers installed, or there are newer versions of drivers installed. In the latter case, you can select which of the drivers you want to update and proceed with the downloading and updating of the drivers.

Driver Talent

In addition to the updating of device drivers, it can also backup and restore the device drivers that are already installed on your Windows PC. For backing up the drivers, you can switch to the Backup section, select the drivers and click on the Start button. Similarly, at any later time you can restore the drivers from a previous backup from the Restore section.

Driver Talent

Driver Talent can be very helpful for managing the device drivers in Windows PC. Using Drive Talent, you can update, backup and restore the device drivers. You can also uninstall the previously installed device drivers if they are really not needed anymore.

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  1. Driver Talent saved my computer from Windows 10. You know there was a black screen after Windows 10 upgrade. Someone explained this issue was caused by video card driver. Well, I am not an experienced computer used and installing drivers manually is really hard for me. Finally, I got help from Driver Talent and its support team. Thanks.

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