Disable Lockscreen Notification in Facebook App for Android

One of the new features in the Facebook app for the Android devices is that now it displays notifications on the lockscreen even for the devices running an Android version lower than Lollipop. In the Android Lollipop the lockscreen notifications are displayed for all the applications, but the latest version of the Facebook app is able to display the lockscreen notifications even for the devices running on Android KitKat. These lockscreen notifications are enabled by default in the Facebook app for Android. Displaying notifications on the lockscreen is a nice feature in itself, but it could mean that every one can pick up your phone and see those notifications.

Here is how you can disable the lockscreen notifications in Facebook’ Android app:

  1. First of all open the Facebook app in your Android device and press the menu key to bring up the general menu at the bottom of your screen. This menu has options to logout and open settings. You have to choose the Settings option to open the Facebook app settings.Disable Facebook Lock Screen Notifications
  2. On the settings screen, select Notifications under the General category. It is actually the first option on the main settings screen, you should not have any difficulty in finding it.
  3. On the next screen that is displayed, find a setting named Lock Screen Notifications and tap on the flip switch next to it to disable it.Disable Facebook Lock Screen Notifications
  4. That’s it. Now you will no longer see the lockscreen notifications from Facebook.

Even though the lockscreen notifications displayed by the Facebook app for Android are very useful in our everyday Facebook social networking, some of us might want to opt for a little privacy especially when in the public places, for example, traveling through the subway trains. In any case, Facebook app gives you options to toggle the lockscreen notifications based on your very own preferences.