Make Add-ons Management Easier in Firefox with Add-ons Button

Extensions or add-ons in any web browser are used to enhance the features that the web browser provides. For example, you can use add-ons to scan the web pages you access in your web browser for malicious links or phishing using Bitdefender Traffic Light. But when you want to open the options for these add-ons in Firefox, or when you want to remove these add-ons from your web browser, you have to go through a lot of loops. For the people who experiment with many add-ons in Firefox, the options related to add-ons should be accessible easily. The new add-on called “Add-ons Button” has be designed keeping this in mind.

The Add-ons Button extension for Firefox adds a new button in the Firefox toolbar using which you can access all the possible settings and functions related to add-ons. As you click on this new button, a drop-down list opens up. You can open the add-ons management screen in Firefox by selecting Extensions, access the themes management screen through Themes option, open the window where you can manage the sites blocked or allowed for add-ons through Add-ons Allowed Sites, etc.

Add-ons Button for Firefox

You can even install a new add-on from an XPI or JAR file using the Install option from this drop-down menu. After selecting this option, you have to choose an XPI or JAR file that you may have downloaded from Mozilla or some other website. You can use the same option to update add-ons. But care must be taken when downloading add-ons using the XPI files downloaded from disreputable or unknown websites.

Add-ons Button for Firefox

Conclusion: If you are someone who checks out new Firefox extensions regularly – perhaps for testing purpose or during development, then you may benefit from a little easy of add-ons management in Firefox through the “Add-ons Button” extension.

You can get the “Add-ons Button” for Firefox from