ManicTime Monitors Users’ Time Consumption in a PC

Sometimes we get busy in our work so much that we forget the count of time. For instance, you start to work on a project on your PC, you find some problem, you talk to a colleague, one thing leads to another and before you know it, the clock has struck 5 PM. It becomes very hard to tell exactly for how long you worked on the project and for how long you were busy in other activities like lunch, paying attention to your spouse’s phone call, talking to the colleagues at the coffee machine etc. You can actually track the time spent on your project through a simple stopwatch (like the one your school gym teacher had always hanging in his neck).

But there are much simpler means to compartmentalize and simplify the time management. For example, you can use the free ManicTime software to track the time consumed by you on various programs in your Windows PC. This portable software monitors your PC activities and tells you which programs you have used in a given time frame, when you have used them and for how long.

The program, being portable, is indeed is the easiest thing in the world to use. Just extract the contents of the downloaded archive to a folder and launch ManicTime.exe from there. After some initial necessary steps like choosing the free license and such, you can get busy with whatever you were doing on your PC. At the end of the day, you can double-click on the ManicTime icon in the system tray and see how you have utilized your time in the day.


It tells you about the time consumption in many different ways. You can see the time used in computer applications, documents and the overall computer usage. You can see the exact time event when you switched to a program, started a program or terminated one. You can also see a percentage of the total time used on a particular application. Since I was working in Microsoft Word at the time, it shows more than 70% of the time consumed in MS Word. In addition, you can also see the statistics of your time used over a long period of time like weeks or months.

Conclusion: ManicTime is a smart application to monitor how you have been using your time on a PC – which application is claiming most of your time and how long you stay absent from you PC, etc.

You can download ManicTime from