3DP Net : Integrated Drivers Installer for Network Adapters in Windows

If you have more than one Windows computers, then you know how difficult it becomes to keep their device drivers up-to-date because all of them have different hardware configurations. One PC uses Intel hardware, while other uses Realtek chipset and so on. Because of the difference in the hardware, you need to download separate device driver software for all these computers and if you own more than 3-4 computers then it could become quite a headache. But what if there was a single software installer that could install device drivers for all kinds of hardware configurations? The freeware 3DP Net works along the same lines and offers an integrated device driver installer for all the network adapters for the Windows computers.

The 3DP Net installer is more than 100 MB in size because it contains a large number of drivers for a myriad of network adapters. It is also a portable application, so you can just launch it without having to install anything beforehand. As it is launched, it starts to detect the network adapters in your system and then displays the detected network adapters. If more than one of the network adapters are detected then you have to click on the red colored plus button to see the other ones.

3DP Net

Typically, you would initiate the installation of a detected network adapter by clicking on it in the displayed list. But before you begin the installation, you may want to backup the older drivers first. The backup function is provided by 3DP Net itself. You can backup (and later restore) all types of device drivers already installed on your Windows PC from the menubar option Driver → Backup (or Driver → Restore for restoring drivers from the backup). This will open a new window from where you can choose which drivers you want to backup.

3DP Net

All in all, the 3DP Net is a very useful piece of software to have for all the people who have two or more Windows computers. Using the 3DP Net, you can install the working device drivers for all kinds of network interface cards in Windows.

You can download 3DP Net from http://mcaf.ee/4l18ov.