Protect Apps in Android from Unauthorized Access with Comodo App Lock

Even though Android allows very impressive phone locking mechanisms (like passwords, patterns etc.), how many of us really password protect our Android phones especially when at home? We choose comfort of the slide unlock over the security provided by screen unlocking methods like patterns, passwords, PIN, face unlock etc. This means that everyone who has access to your Android phone will easily be able access various apps including the apps for online banking, email clients, Skype etc. If you want both the comfort of slide unlock method for unlocking the lock-screen and at the same time want to secure some apps against unauthorized access then you can use the Comodo App Lock.

Comodo App Lock is the most comprehensive and smart app lockers that I have seen for Android. You start by setting the Comodo App Lock as the device administrator so that it cannot be uninstalled by anyone but you. After this you have to set an app lock pattern which will be used universally for unlocking all the apps locked by Comodo App Lock. After this you can go ahead and choose the apps that you want to lock with this pattern.

Comodo App Lock

As you can guess, when someone opens up a protected app, it asks for the pattern and allows to use the app only when the correct pattern is supplied. But apart from this, Comodo App Lock provides a very interesting feature called Sneak Peak. You can enable this Sneak Peak feature from the Comodo App Lock settings.

Comodo App Lock

What Sneak Peak does is that it silently takes pictures of anyone using the phone when a wrong pattern or PIN is entered. This means that you can see the pictures of all the people who were trying to check our personal data through different apps behind your back.

When you open Comodo App Lock next time, a red colored “Unauthorized Unlocking Attemp” is displayed, touching which will open the pictures of people who tried to enter wrong unlock pattern along with the app name and a time stamp.

Comodo App Lock

Conclusion: Comodo App Lock is a free and feature rich app locker app for Android smart-phones. It can both provide the security of preventing unauthorized access to your apps and also take the pictures of people bent on breaking into your phone.

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