Quickly Translate Texts from Images & Videos with Copyfish for Chrome

Even though Hollywood maintains its status of being the largest movies producer in the world, many other countries produce movies with breathtaking stories and acting. For example, the giallo movies from the 1970’s era of Italy have always captured the attention of horror movies fans. Then there are Japanese movies with their slow and casual approach culminating in sudden and interesting twists. You are lucky if you can find the English dubbed versions of these movies, otherwise you have to watch these foreign languages movies with subtitles which may or may not include everything. For example, subtitles do not show what is written on buildings or in letters etc.

The Copyfish extension for Chrome can help in situations like this especially if you are watching the video or movie online. The Copyfish extension can capture the text from images, videos and PDF documents and translates it in a language of your choice.

Copyfish for Chrome

After the installation, the Copyfish extension adds a button in the Chrome toolbar that looks like a fish. Whenever you have to capture the text from a video or image or PDF file, you can click on this fish icon. In case of the videos, you have to pause the videos before you begin the capture process. Then you have to select the region in the image (or video or PDF) from which you want to extract the text.

Copyfish for Chrome

The Copyfish extension will soon show you the original captured text along with its translation in English (or a language of your choice. You can copy the translated text to clipboard or restart all over again. You can control the source (input) language and the destination (translation) language from the Copyfish options. In the options, you can also decide whether the translation has to be done followed by the capture and more.

Copyfish for Chrome

You can get the Copyfish extension for Chrome browser from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/copyfish-%F0%9F%90%9F-free-ocr-soft/eenjdnjldapjajjofmldgmkjaienebbj.

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