Yomiwa : Offline Japanese to English OCR Translator for Android

Last month, my friend Eva asked me to accompany her on her Tokyo trip. It was fun to be in the Japan for the very first time in my life. Even though many people in Japan speak English fluently, many of the signs on showrooms and in the streets are in Japanese and you stay totally clueless unless you have a Japanese friend with you who opts in to be your free translator. But when walking around all by yourself, the free Android app Yomiwa can be of immense use for all of your Japanese to English translations.

Yomiwa app is an OCR and translator combined together. You can use the camera of your phone to capture the images and instantly translate the captured Japanese text into English. Since it can be used offline, you do not need any type of internet connection for getting the translation. In this regard, it is better than some other similar apps which require internet to work.


The Japanese language texts can be written both horizontally or vertically. The Yomiwa app can read both the horizontal and the vertical Japanese text. You have to choose the horizontal or vertical from the top of the app for the direction of text you want to capture. You can either load an existing image from your mobile phone or perform a live capture by touching the camera icon near the bottom edge of the app.

The OCR and translations are performed instantly and it shows you a dictionary life definition of the captured words. When a translation is displayed, you can tap on the circular Freeze button to freeze the live capture and the translations. The freezing is great to read the translations clearly because otherwise the app keeps translating the detected texts continuously and it becomes very hard to read through them.

You can get the Yomiwa app for Android from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.yomiwa.yomiwa.