Remove All Cookies from a Single Website in Firefox

Cookies are small files stored in your web browser’s cache that store information required for a web site to function in a much more interactive way. For example, many websites use cookies for storing login information so that you do not have to login to that website each time you start your browser. But some of websites can also use these cookies for tracking user’s online activities for various purposes. If you want to clear all the cookies belonging to a website but want to keep the cookies from other websites, then Firefox does not really offer many options to do so. Instead, you can find the Firefox add-on Remove All Cookies useful for removing all the cookies from a single website.

The Remove All Cookies extension for Firefox installs a new button in the Firefox toolbar. If you want to remove the cookies related to a website then first you have to open that website in Firefox and then click on this new button in the toolbar. All of the cookies stored from that website in Firefox are instantly cleaned without any warning.

Firefox Remove Cookies for Site

You can also right-click anywhere on the web page of that website and choose to Remove Cookies for Site from the right-click context menu. Again, there is no alert, warning or prompt before the cookies belonging to that website get removed. However, this extension removes the cookies belonging to the website currently open in the selected tab of Firefox. It does not clean any third party websites.

Firefox Remove Cookies for Site

Conclusion: The Remove All Cookies extension for Firefox can be helpful for surfing the web without revealing your earlier online activities as the cookies for a website can be instantly cleaned in a single-click.

You can download the Remove All Cookies extension for Firefox from