Make Trick-n-Treating Interesting with Halloween Soundboard Web App

Halloween is just around the corner and the markets are full of all types of costumes that trick-n-treating kids would wear on the evening of the Halloween’s day, going around from home to home, knocking on the doors and getting all kinds of candies and sweets. Everybody is buying decorations, costumes and candies for the trick-n-treating kids. If you want to make the whole experience a little more interesting for your kids, then perhaps you would watch R. L. Stine’s movies with them, or read Edgar Allan Poe’s classic stories. But you can spice it up for the neighborhood kids too by using the Halloween Soundboard web app.

Just add two loud-speakers near the door of your house and connect them with your PC, tablet or smart phone. Open the website in your PC and whenever some trick-n-treating kids arrive at your doorstep and knock on your door, play some scary sounds using the Halloween Soundboard web app.

Halloween Soundboard

There are many scary sounds that you can have fun with, but my favorite is “who” – it plays a very eerie sound asking- “Who is that knocking at my door?” Other interesting sounds include, “laugh”, “witch”, “scream”, and “ahhhh”. The sounds start playing as soon as you touch or click on the respective buttons. If you double-click on a button then that sound is played in an infinite loop. You can stop the sounds by clicking or touching the same button again. You can even mix more than one sounds by playing more than one sounds at the same time simultaneously. If you click on the random button on the top, then it will play a sound picked randomly.

Other than scaring your friends and neighborhood kids, you can also use this soundboard to add sound effects to your Halloween movies that you might later want to share online on Youtube or Facebook.