Setting Up Microsoft Cortana in Android Smartphones

Microsoft’s Cortana is very similar to Apple Siri for iPhone or Google Now for Android. Cortana, being a part of the new Windows operating system, first made the news when Windows 10 was released earlier this year. People who have been using Cortana on their Windows 10 computers or Windows 10 Phone devices already know how this works. But for Android smart-phone users, Cortana is not available on the Google Play store as this is still in the beta version stage. If you want to setup Cortana in your Android device, then you have to download the Cortana APK file and side-load it manually.

Here is how you can install, setup and use Microsoft Cortana in your Android device:

  1. First thing you have to do is download the Cortana APK file from the APKMirror website at
  2. Copy the downloaded APK file to your Android phone and install the app using this APK file. You may find more information about installing apps in Android using the APK files.
  3. Once the Cortana is installed, you have to provide a nickname and login using your Microsoft account before you can start using the Cortana app for all your queries.Cortana for Android
  4. After signing into Cortana using any of your Microsoft accounts, it is ready for your queries. You can tap on the small microphone icon at the bottom and speak whatever queries or commands you have. You can say “call mom” to make it dial the phone number of your contacts named “mom” or ask anything else.Cortana for Android
  5. By default the “Hey Cortana” sesame is not enabled for Android version. You can enable this in the app settings. After enabling it, you can just say “Hey Cortana” and Cortana will appear on your screen even if your phone is locked.Cortana for Android

Microsoft Cortana is still in developmental stages for Android devices, but it could soon become a worthy challenger to the apps like Apple Siri or Google Now.