Stereo Tool Repairs & Makes Music Crisper & Louder

Until recently I thought that for having good music experience on my PC, all I needed was good headphones (I have Beats over-the-ear headphones) and some good quality music. But then I came to hear about the Stereo Tool from a friend of mine. The Stereo Tool may appear to be something from 90’s, but it does make the music play much better and crispier than it actually is. What is more, it can fix the small hiccups or glitches in the music emanating from a bad tape, cheap audio CD’s or old vinyl records.

The Stereo Tool is available in many different formats – a DSP plug-in for Winamp, a VST plug-in for VST compatible hosts, and also as a standalone version. The DSP plugin for Winamp is best suited for people who just want to enjoy listening to the music on their PC. The VST plugin is intended for audio editor programs like Audacity or Adobe Audition etc. And the standalone version is for the radio broadcasters to process their live feeds.

I tried the DSP plug-in for Winamp and experienced a pleasant change in the quality of the music. The Stereo Tool window opens up along with the Winamp as soon as you start to play any MP3 music file. The default settings do make some improvements in the music quality, but you can tinker around and make it much more delightful for your taste buds.

Stereo Tool

There are simply too many settings offered by the Stereo Tool to mention here. But the ones that I found interesting are Bandpass, Bass Boost, Phase Rotation, AGC and Stereo. At any time, if you want to see the difference between the original unmodified music and the one Stereo Tool is producing, then you can click on the Bypass on the top-right corner.

The Stereo Tool is definitely a must for everyone who likes to enjoy listening to high quality music. It can reprocess the music played by popular media players like Winamp to make it sound much more clear and crisper.

You can download the Stereo Tool from