Debloater Allows Easy Removal of Pre-installed Apps from Android Devices

When you buy a new Android devices, it comes loaded with so many unnecessary and undesired apps. Some of these apps belong to the device manufacturer while others are loaded as promotional offers. Not only these apps consume some of the storage space on your device, but they also keep running in the background making the phone sluggish and slower in performance. To remove such apps you can use Root Uninstaller from within the Android device or you can use the Debloater program that you can use from a PC.

The Debloater application for Windows requires that you have ADB installed on your PC and that your Android device is rooted. You can install ADB in your Windows PC using the Android SDK manager. For rooting your Android device you can use the free Kingo Android Root utility. You should remember that by rooting your device, any warranties associated with the device become void.

Once these pre-requisites are fulfilled, you can connect your Android device to your PC with a USB data cable and then launch the Debloater application. It will try to identify the bloatware automatically which works for well known smart phones like Samsung Galaxy or Sony Xperia, but seldom works with lesser known brands like Wiko or Doogee.


In any case, you can select the apps that you want to disable or remove. For removal of the selected apps, you have to select the checkbox labeled Remove on the top. After making a selection of the unwanted apps, you can click on the Apply button and let it remove/disable these apps. You may have to restart the Android device after the process of disabling or removing the apps is over.

Conclusion: Debloater offers a comfortable way to remove the unwanted apps from your Android device by connecting it to a PC. But it should be used only by advanced users, because accidental removal of some system apps might make your device unable to boot.

You can download Debloater from