ColorVeil Hides Screen Under Thin Film of Color

My grandparents told me of the old days when they did not have color television sets in their homes and they used to watch “The Lucy Show” on a black-and-white television set. For faking color they used to put a semi-transparent color plastic film over the screen and it used to become a color television. Well, now everyone has color screens whether we talk about the television sets, computer screens or mobile devices. But for having some light fun with the screen, we can repeat the same color plastic film experiment with our computer screens. And you do not even need an actual color plastic film for this. Instead you can use the ColorVeil software to do everything for you.

ColorVeil, as the name suggests, puts your screen under a veil of colors that you can pick yourself. It is a small portable utility that offers instant screen filter with randomly selected colors. When you launch the ColorVeil program for the very first time, the color used for veiling your screen is red, but you can easily change it.


To open the ColorVeil settings, you can right-click on the notification area icon of the program. Here you can manually pick a filter color by clicking on the Browse button. You can also click on the Random button to randomly select one of the colors. You can also customize the opacity of the filter which is 70% by default.


There is a stealth setting that can be switched on by clicking on the Go Stealth icon. In this mode, the notification area icon disappears making it a little difficult to close the ColorVeil program or make changes to its settings. But you can still close ColorVeil by ending the related process from the Task Manager. You can toggle the ColorVeil screen filter on or off, by single-clicking on the notification area icon.

You can download ColorVeil from