Find Suitable WiFi Channels Using WiFi Channel Picker

Recently we published an article about how you can make WiFi more stable and reliable by changing some settings in your WiFi router. The method involves changing the WiFi channel to 11 and setting the channel width to 20 Hz. But if your neighbors are also using the same settings then you are running into the WiFi noise problem leading to unreliability and slowness of the network connections. The only way to choose the right WiFi channel for your router is to find out first about the channels used by other people in your surroundings. This way you can choose a different channel than the ones used by your neighbors to make your WiFi network much more responsible and reliable.

The free WiFi Channel Picker program for Windows can help you pick the right channel for your WiFi router to maximize its reach and stability. It is a portable program and you can launch it without having to install anything on your PC. As you launch it, it instantly shows you all the WiFi networks in your surroundings.

WiFi Channel Picker

All the WiFi networks in the list are shown along with their SSID’s, Mac addresses, signal strengths, channel numbers, line of sight distances, authentication protocol used, encryption and more. You can choose any of the WiFi networks that you can connect to and then click on the Evaluate button. This will show you another window displaying you a little more information about which channel is best for you. It also suggests you to ask your neighbors to change their router settings and switch to a different channel in order to make things better for you as well as them.

WiFi Channel Picker

Conclusion: All in all, WiFi Channel Picker is a very useful little utility for making your WiFi networks much more reliable, stable and conflict free. It should be used if you are not able to achieve the most out of your WiFi router and you are experiencing frequent disconnections.

You can download the WiFi Channel Picker from