Decorate PC with Wallpapers from Need for Speed 2015

I have been playing Need for Speed series of computer games for a very long time now. It all started when one of my friends in school introduced me to Need for Speed Underground. I instantly fell in love with Need for Speed and have played all the games released under the series since then – NFS Underground 2, Carbon, Nitro, World, Shift, Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted, Rivals and No Limits. The best part with NFS is that you never get tired of playing these games, you can play any of these games with your friends and have tons of fun. Now I am waiting for the new installment in the series from Electronics Arts – Need for Speed 2015.

Need for Speed 2015

While Need for Speed 2015 is set to be released this month for various platforms, you can ease the waiting a little by engaging with the online community over at the NFS website and share your anticipations. You can also use the wallpapers released by the Need for Speed 2015 developers to decorate your otherwise dull looking computer screen. This wallpaper set contains twenty eight high definition wallpapers mostly depicting the different models of car that would be available in the Need for Speed 2015.

Need for Speed 2015

These images are in the PNG format and can be used on any computer running Windows, Linux or Mac. You can download these wallpapers from the Need for Speed official website at On their website, you have to download the wallpapers one at a time. You can also use a download manager to help you download all the wallpapers at once.

Conclusion: Waiting for your favorite Need for Speed’s next version can be a little trying experience, you can shorten the waiting time by decorating your PC with NFS 2015 wallpapers.