Mem Reduct Brings Down Memory Consumption in Windows

The newer operating systems like Windows 10 need much more memory than the older versions. If you want optimal performance from your Windows PC, then your system should have at least 4GB of RAM. In fact, 4 GB of RAM is no longer considered enough if you are planning to run multiple resource hungry programs simultaneously in Windows. Without enough available physical memory, your Windows PC might become unresponsive and struggle to work through different processes running at the same time. To prevent this, you can either close down unnecessary programs manually or use the Mem Reduct program to bring down the memory consumption in Windows.

The Mem Reduct program is a portable application for Windows. Upon being launched, it places itself in the system tray as an icon. You can right-click on this icon and change the settings as to when the memory should be cleaned (when the consumption is above certain percentage of the total RAM or every few minutes). You can also open the main Mem Reduct window from this system tray icon.

Mem Reduct

Mem Reduct window shows some useful information about the memory state of your PC. It shows the total physical memory (RAM), page file (virtual memory), and the system working set. In order to clean memory from here, you can click on the Clean Memory button.

Mem Reduct

Whether you clean the memory using the system tray right-click menu or from the main window of Mem Reduct, some memory is freed up by the application and you would be shown a notification regarding this. The notification style will change from one version of Windows to another.

Mem Reduct

In the settings for Mem Reduct, you can choose which areas of the memory is to be cleaned. You can also define the triggers for cleaning the memory – for example, the memory consumption threshold or the time period after which the memory should be cleaned. You can also define hotkeys that can be used to clean p the memory using Mem reduct applications.

Mem Reduct

Conclusion: Mem Reduct can help you get the best performance from your PC expecially if it has small amount of available RAM. If you have a large amount of RAM, then perhaps you would not really notice any benefits.

You can download Mem reduct application from

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